Success Stories from our Clients

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"Within a day of my first meeting with Lois, she had already lined up an interview with a top-shelf company, perfectly in line with my desired career goals. Through the interview process, she kept in touch with both myself and the company, making sure that everything was moving along smoothly, and helping me with expert advice on how to present myself and my talents. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to make a leap forward with their career. She will go far above and beyond the scope of any other recruiter you may possibly consider.”

“When I arrived in Florida, I had no contacts and needed to fill a number of important positions to build our company’s management team. Your help in accomplishing this was excellent and is greatly appreciated.”     Medical Supplies Company

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for providing me with highly qualified, dedicated, outstanding professional personnel. In addition, you have shown me that you are committed to providing unparalleled customer service. You have been an excellent resource in helping us fill our needs.”

Telecommunications Firm

“I always know that when I contact you with a hiring need, you will consistently present me with candidates who are carefully screened and in-line with our job requirements. Your commitment to timely follow-through and service excellence have made working with you and your staff a no-risk situation.”      Computer Training Company

You have worked extremely hard to bring me qualified people who are a close fit to our particular industry. We have now hired two people from you and are quite positive about their long-term futures with our company. I would like to thank you for your hard work and I appreciate the solid working relationship we have established.”  Information Technology Firm

Lois helped us build out one of the fastest growth offices in WebEx history. WebEx is a unique company to Jacksonville and has a unique hiring model. Lois worked extremely hard to understand our needs and be a true partner. We are proud of the teams hired with her help. Thank you Lois!”      WebEx

“Pearce & Associates provided me with a level of service unmatched by other employment firms during my search in the Jacksonville area. I feel the staff is truly devoted to providing solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Companies and individuals alike will find Pearce & Associates to be well qualified in representing their interests in an exceptional manner.   Financial Services Company